Posted on Mar 17, 2019

Status Inspection & Design ®

Status Inspection & Design
Fresh Catch of the Day # 40
Efflorescence (dissolved mineral salt deposit) along the perimeter of basement slab is an indication that water has made contact with the underside of the slab and occurs typically at junctures of walls and footings to slabs.
Causes for the water to contact the slab's under-side vary but the efflorescence can indicate that the drain-tile has been inundated with water as a result of blocked or damaged drain-tile or drain-tile lateral pipe.
Sump pits that are too shallow, too small or have improperly set up or improperly working sump pumps can also contribute to water making contact with basement slabs.
Note Eave-trough (gutter) downspouts should NEVER connect to foundation drain-tile systems.
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